Our creator

One thing I will never forget about our trip to South America. Those carefree feet running through the jungles. The laughter from miles away. So happy to great us. Simple life in the Amazon. They are beyond blessed to live just like the Jesus people did back than. Growing and harvesting all their own food. The way it should be here. I am so thankful for the time I got to spend out there. Every memory I have is cherished. Whenever I go through troubles now, I know that God is right next to me. Waiting for me to make a move. He wont force Himself in your heart or mind. He just sits and waits for us. How beautiful is that painted picture? Our creator waits patiently for us.

Dear Journal….

Life passes by with a blink of an eye. Just last week Mike and I got back from South America. I brought a journal with me and wrote in it a couple times. But my memory is pretty strong. As the days go by I will share our experiences with eating fish everyday and conquering one of my biggest fears!

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1 John 4:7  “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.”

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I am an owl

Have you ever heard someone talk about being an animal in a past life ? Well if I believed in that kind of bologna I would have to say. I was an owl! I love to sleep during the day . My brain is up at night. Cleaning, eating, creating and most of the time all of above. It’s not a bad thing but when I have things to do in the morning. It is very inconvenient. A couple days ago I sent out the save the dates ! And I am still working on sending more out . So funny how many people you actually forget about and thanks to my brain I remember just as I close my eyes to pray . By the way I would just like to thank The Lord for directing me in every  decision that my team and I make !


The Cannataros’ save the dates have been shipped to my house!!!! What an exciting day. I, Natasha De Quilettes, have finally made up my mind on which design of save the dates I wanted. It was a long un-desicive minuscule thinking process.I have been so busy since my last post. Wedding mode for sure. My brain is constantly going 200 mph. Sometimes I can’t sleep, but that isn’t new. I think anyone that is creative or an artist always has this juice brewing inside. Always thinking about new ideas for their next project. I am a go getter! Once I see something or think up an idea. I will make it happen! Isn’t that someone you want on your team? I am also a random thinker. From what type of food I want to eat next to what Im going to ware next week. Maybe its a womanly thing. I know for sure my fiance has become immune to my random thoughts about different topics. Thats one of the many reasons why I love him. He can handle me ! Thank you Jesus!


Being a student is suppose to be fun, right? These student loans are overwhelming! I don’t even go to school anymore. I am still suffering the consequences. And so are my parents. In a way it is kind of funny. God sure does have a sense of humor. I am the kind of person to just go for it. When I want something I do everything that I can to receive it. When it came to marriage, it is totally opposite. I’ve been thro this before and that turned out ugly. I have the worst of luck and nothing turns out perfect. But when it came to Mikey, everything changed. I knew from the start that he was the one. He really is my best friend, everything is  so natural between us. He loves my family and I love his. Whenever I am with him it seems like I have known him my whole life. We were made for each other! He would give me the shirt off his back and I would do the same. I can’t wait to see him all suited and booted in that cute little bow tie we found in Hollywood. The look on his face when he sees me in my altered 80s gown! Thank you Jesus for what you blessed me with!!!!h_v5Z8ARS078NVd__ZurA8rxxK7qAUVdi0QoFCJetVk